Vampire Next Door Manga

Vampire Next Door
Alt name(s): Sillim-dong Vampire / Sillim Vampire / 신림동 뱀파이어
Author: Kisun
Artist: Kisun
Description: Nana Jeong, a new tenant in My Home Flat located in Sillim-dong. Her grandmother is a skilled shaman, but Nana doesn’t have the ability to see ghosts and she hates superstition. Because she likes good-looking guys so much, she goes out with a lot of weird guys. She comes to her senses, decides to begin her new life and gets a room in a flat. Then, she falls for Cheolsu, a good-looking resident next door. She gets very affectionate towards Cheolsu, and he says something shocking. —Actually, I’m a vampire?'” Jesus, am I supposed to believe that?! Sillim-dong Vampire / Sillim Vampire / 신림동 뱀파이어

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