Save Me, Princess Manga

Save Me, Princess Manga
Alt name(s): 구 해주세요 공주님
Description:Original novel by Jaegyeom (재겸)

The spoiled princess sets out to save the kingdom! Along with her ex-boyfriend?

Claudia, the spoiled princess of the Kingdom of Portue, lived a peaceful life. Her older brother was going to be king, while she was going to marry a handsome prince.

She had no doubt there were nothing but happy days as a woman waiting for her once she received a marriage proposal.

However, on the night the marriage proposal, the Demon King attacked and the castle exploded.

Claudia, who was chosen by the guardian spirit as a heroine to save the kingdom from danger, has become a ruined princess and is even dumped by her fiance.

In the end, she went on the journey to save the kingdom, but why did she have to go with her ex?!

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