Deception Detector Manga

Deception Detector
Alt name(s): DXD A&C
Author: DXD A&C
Artist: Mystery, Romance,
Description: He is the captain of the detective force. He is serious and stern. He is the best in the team with his detective skills. She is an expert on facial expressions. She is lively, cute, and independent. Her analyzing skills on facial expression is superb, she is known as a facial expression Master. They ran into a tough case on their first time working together. They faced robbers, smugglers, and sneaky suspects. They outsmarted them with their skills, like peeling the cocoon off a bug. They revealed truths and arrested criminals. In the midst of teasing and bickering, they gradually formed feelings for each other. He constantly saves her from trouble and she always saves the day. Romance gradually builds up between the two of them while they work on thrilling and exciting cases.

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